How to submit a theme on IOSICONPACK.COM

What will you need

You won't need much to submit a theme, in fact you'll only need two two things.

  1. Your unique theme
  2. Few details about the theme

Submitting a theme

Let's start with the theme submission, first you need to drive into the 'Submit a theme' section

You can find it in the top navbar, both on PC and phone

(PC navbar)

(phone navbar)

Click on it after you find it.

Now you should be on page that looks like this


Now you need to fill these fields, if the theme is yours you'll be asked few more questions, such as how do you want us to mention you.

You can include your social media, websites, and so on there.


(filling out and submitting the form)

And that's it! Our team will now review your submission. They'll of course contact you (If you included contact information) about their decision.

Please not that not including required details will end up in denial of your submission